Swingers club

The Big Bad

Hi Guys:

I am able to introduce you and offer you the Bad Romance swingers club 2Disco & Spa”. The conception of our swingers club is the same, socialization, international and tourist target, rigorous association selection and number of single men always in proportion to the number of couples present. The Bad Romance club has always distinguished itself in this and even in its new location the rules will not change. What differentiates the two Bad Romance Disco & Spa locations from the Bad Romance Intimacy & transgression? Surely the measures and services. They measure a lot the influence of the evening and the ease of socializing, that’s why the Bad Romance club Intimacy and Transgression is unique, but in the new structure there are services that enrich the location and the way of distraction for example: Yes they can wait for people taking advantage of the wellness center consisting of showers, sauna and hydro-massage bath, the terrace a huge dance hall and a free area. But beware in the club in respect of anyone you are not obliged to have sexually fun only in the dark area, but wherever you want, to satisfy exhibitionists and voyeurs. The tub and the sauna are deliberately arranged in the couples room because the atmosphere can be created according to our criterion after socialization and psychophysical well-being, sex is only the icing on the cake to cheer our senses more completely, but first it is important to socialize and relax.

A tip: Do not turn around empty in the location, shut yourself in the scattered corners because you will get bored and get bored … and then you will make the location more responsible, when in reality you have not followed the advice

So: the only important prerogative is to socialize, do not be shy or self-centered, just close to introduce yourself.

On the other hand, even at the disco you go to know each other. The rest comes by itself.